Attentive, patient, fun, and knowledgable.” - Curt W.
His patience with teaching my five year old son to play guitar is amazing” - Rachel C.
I can't recommend him highly enough” - Matthais B.

Are Lessons Taught Online, in Person, or Both?

Lessons are offered online as well as in person at the downtown Milwaukie studio. Availability of time slots may vary by lesson type.

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

The rate for private lessons is $30 for each 30-minute session, or $50 for each 60-minute session. 
Students must be at least 5 years of age.

How Do Online Lessons Work?

Online lessons are an excellent alternative to in-person lessons. We simply connect over Zoom to video chat and continue as usual. I have HD video and audio equipment so it's almost like I'm right there! Charts and Diagrams are shown live on-screen when needed, and files are shared instantaneously. Personalized videos and audio recordings allow you to practice along "with" me at home all week. Parents of young students may need to assist in tuning instruments, but otherwise it's pretty much like normal!

Do I Need any Special Equipment for Remote Lessons?

All you need is your instrument and a device with a camera and microphone. This can be a computer or tablet.

How Often Are Lessons Given?

Lessons are given weekly at a regularly scheduled time and place and purchased by the calendar month. Lessons are taken every week except for a certain holidays, or if the instructor is unavailable. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month with that month's schedule

Lessons are not offered on weekends at this time.

Can I Take Lessons Every Two Weeks/ Once a Month?

I  have found that once a week is the most practical and effective schedule for consistent long-term progress. When lessons are more than a week apart students have more time to develop bad habits or practice something incorrectly. Students are also less likely to practice when lessons are more than a week apart because the "deadline" seems so far away.  Lessons are scheduled once a week only.

Do You Offer In-Home Lessons?

I'm afraid not. Lessons are offered online or in the studio only.

Do You Offer Group Classes or Shared Lessons?

Shared lessons (2 students) may be an option under the right circumstances. Contact for further details.

Do You Offer Gift Certificates?

What Happens if I Miss My Lesson?

Do You Teach Other Instruments?

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